Time for a real break.

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It’s time for me to get away. From my computer. Although I’ve had a couple of easy post-event weeks, my brain hasn’t stopped working and for me, that’s not really a good thing. So Homer, Delilah and I will be heading to his brother’s wedding in the Valley and I’ll be shutting my laptop for the weekend to try and recharge and reenergize. (Thanks to Bernadette Noll for gently nudging me in that...

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Ellen talks pink things

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A couple of weeks ago I posted about the pink Honda Fit released in Japan. Ellen talks about this and other pink things being marketed to women. My favorite is: “I checked my horoscope and guess what it said? Today your progress as a woman will be set back 92 years.”  

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Thank you.

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I am seriously excited about this MomCom! The last MomCom left me tired, worn out and frankly, I didn’t know if I’d make it through another one. I am so proud of this one and everything that everyone has done to make it happen, from my supportive husband to the volunteers, to the sponsors, to the speakers, the kick-ass exhibitors and to the alumni MomCom-ers who have stuck with me, most of whom came from the Austin Bloggers group,...

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Attendee Spotlight: Amy of McCrafty Gals

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Amy of McCrafty Gals, MomCom Scholarship Recipient by Melissa Madole-Kopp Today we’re featuring our first scholarship recipient. We hope to offer more scholarships as the scholarship fund grows. Amy of McCrafty Gals, moved to Austin last year, leaving a successful business in New Mexico. Although very determined, she is finding it difficult to move to a new city, raise two kids and re-launch her business. She is thrilled to be able to...

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Real Life. Real Moms.

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I love this picture. It’s inspiring to see a mom sworn in as Senator. I love that     she has young kids and she’s in such a “real life” situation. Granted, they do this mock ceremony for the families and the real swearing in happens on the Senate floor but this is so symbolic of how our lives as moms takes on so many forms.

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Write it down. Say it out loud.

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  Years ago I wrote down a list of specific goals, with dates of completion and posted it on my mirror. At one point, I took it down and filed it away. I didn’t look at it again until I moved to a new house in 2006. When I read my goals, I realized they had all been accomplished. I had traveled to Spain, I had gotten my MBA, I bought two houses, hiked the Grand Canyon, Sedona and the Superstition Mountains all by myself, and I had, for a...

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