Write it down. Say it out loud.

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  Years ago I wrote down a list of specific goals, with dates of completion and posted it on my mirror. At one point, I took it down and filed it away. I didn’t look at it again until I moved to a new house in 2006. When I read my goals, I realized they had all been accomplished. I had traveled to Spain, I had gotten my MBA, I bought two houses, hiked the Grand Canyon, Sedona and the Superstition Mountains all by myself, and I had, for a...

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Shana Merlin, Merlin Works, MomCom Emcee

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Awarded “The Best Improv Teacher” and “Best Female Improviser” by the Austin Improv Collective, Shana Merlin has been a professional improviser since 1995. She’s performed in improv festivals in Amsterdam, Calgary, Seattle and Atlanta, as well as produced Austin’s LAFF: Ladies Are Funny Festival. Shana founded Merlin Works in 2003, providing custom training, interactive presentations, and comedy shows to businesses and organizations...

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Founder’s First Pitch

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After a grueling six weeks of the Napkin Venture/Tech Ranch sponsored PreAccelerate program, we were able to pitch our ideas. Here's the first swing at a pitch. I hope you enjoy it and hope, if you pass it on to potential sponsors....

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Moms Hold the Power… and The Purse

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Well everyone... Tonight is the night. I have been unable to think of much more, like, sponsors, vendors, trying to get MomCom to make money, because I have been working on my pitch. For six weeks, I've been in a PreAccelerate class and it has put a lot in perspective. It has been an informative and emotional time. I've realized how tied I am to MomCom and how it's my other "baby". Tonight is the pitch to investors and potential sponsors. I need...

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