Well everyone… Tonight is the night. I have been unable to think of much more, like, sponsors, vendors, trying to get MomCom to make money, because I have been working on my pitch.

For six weeks, I’ve been in a PreAccelerate class and it has put a lot in perspective. It has been an informative and emotional time. I’ve realized how tied I am to MomCom and how it’s my other “baby”.

Tonight is the pitch to investors and potential sponsors. I need sponsors to keep MomCom going and to expand it to include an online community so we can all connect between conferences, more small conferences in other cities, and much much more that I have been able to flesh out over the last few weeks that will make MomCom a place for all of us to really come together, to create a real community and our very own supportive, inclusive village.

Wish me luck. I’ll be having one glass of wine before I get up in my 5 inch heeled black Prada boots in front of a mostly-male audience and represent all of us mamas as not only capable business women and mothers, but worth more of an investment than any other demographic in this country.

Remember this when you are pitching your own product, your service or yourself. YOU have the power. You control 85% of the spending in your household and YOU are a contributor to more than $2.3 TRILLION in spending in the US.

And, you are not alone. We mamas are 85 million strong in the US. We kick ass. We are worth it. We can do anything we want when we get together and realize our power.