Nearly 8 years ago 7 women came together to do a 3 month long workshop with a creative business coach. Once each month we got together in her studio and tried to figure out how to develop our creative ideas in the most business minded way possible while still parenting our young children. The coach gave us great tips and tools on getting stuff done, setting goals, establishing priorities and more.

The coaching was good, but what developed after those first three months is the real story. We have created the most amazing support network anyone could hope for. We are truly sisters there for each other and each one of us has, through the support of the group, gone on to dial in on the most amazing business and personal life we could ever hope for. And what awaits us individually and as a group makes us giddy with excitement.

I wish this type of support, encouragement, love, friendship, trust and understanding for every woman everywhere. And by telling my story of how we came together and how we have kept it together all these years – through some trials and tribulations without a doubt – I hope to encourage others to create such a tribe – to bounce ideas off of, to cry with, to laugh together, have fun, dig deep, push forward and grow old together with all the wisdom gathered along the way.

Such tribes could very well be the path to world peace.