Sabrina Parsons is CEO of Palo Alto Software, developer of the best-selling business planning software, Business Plan Pro. Palo Alto Software develops software and tools specifically targeted for entrepreneurs and small-business owners.  Sabrina assumed the CEO role in May 2007 and is responsible for Palo Alto’s business planning, fiscal and strategic goals and all of the company’s traditional marketing.

Sabrina began her professional career with the marketing team at EnCommerce. In 1997, she became Director of Online Marketing at CommTouch Ltd. an email services company, and left in 1999 to help start was bought by and later by eBay, becoming an eBay property.

In 2000, Sabrina founded Lighting Out Inc., an internet consulting company. While at Lighting Out, Sabrina focused on improving conversion rates online for clients, achieving, in some cases over 100% conversion rate improvements.

In 2001, she moved to London, continued consulting with Lighting Out, and also founded a software distribution company.  She eventually sold the company to Palo Alto Software and joined headquarters in Eugene, OR as the head of Marketing and Communications.

Sabrina, as a mother of 3 boys 7 and under, is the author of a blog about the challenges and rewards of being a “Mommy CEO” on ForbesWomen.

She is a staunch supporter of entrepreneurs, and supports entrepreneurial organizations. She is President of the Princeton Entrepreneurs’ Network. Sabrina will also chair the 2012 Willamette Angel Conference.

Sabrina believes in community involvement and is helping and volunteering in different organizations in Eugene, OR to help further economic development and public education in the community:

She sits on the Board of Directors for the Eugene Chamber of Commerce on the Board of Directors for Whole Earth Nature School  and has been nominated by the School Board to join the budget committee for the 4J School District starting in January 2012. She is also the technology adviser for the Fox Hollow Charlemagne Elementary School PTO.

She is a graduate of Princeton University.